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Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to organize and edit thousands of images and photographs.It's trusted by photographers everywhere,以及了解如何作为设计师使用的关键软件。本系列介绍如何使用lightroom预设来用照片创建惊人的最终效果。

Adobe Lightroom is a go-to tool for photographers and designers that have to edit and manage images.Lightroom旨在帮助你编辑,organize,商店,manage and even share photos across devices.

Because Lightroom is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite,它带有全额支付的计划,或者可以作为一个独立的应用程序使用。还有很多预设可以帮助你充分利用这个流行的摄影工具。

What Is A Lightroom Preset?


灯塔预设是一个“包裹”用于帮助创建某种类型的照片编辑外观的设置。Designers might have one set of presets to use for landscape images and another set of presets to enhance portraits.

可以在Adobe的软件中保存和重用Lightroom预设,还有很多地方可以找到不同类型图像的预设。预设的好处是可以立即更改图像的外观,taking a lot of time out of the editing process.(This can be a life-saver if you edit bulk images.)


If you really want to save time and get just the right effect,a Lightroom preset is the answer.There are plenty of places to find high-quality presets for projects.

  • Envato Elementsis a subscription-based graphic design service and is packed with Lightroom preset options (including the example above)
  • The Luxe Lenshas themed Lightroom presets – snow,肖像,etc.– at reasonable prices
  • Filtergradeis a photography site that includes more than 1,000 Lightroom presets for every use you can imagine
  • Creative Markethas plenty of Lightroom presets (and preset bundles) that you can purchase a la carte
  • Adobehas a collection of Lightroom presets available for download that are made by other users

How to Add a Preset to Lightroom

lightroom preset

Adding a preset to Lightroom is pretty simple.Here's how to do it:

  1. 下载完文件后——别忘了解压它——打开Lightroom并“开发”标签。Presets will be on the left side of the screen.
  2. Then,right- or command-click anywhere in the presets module to Import new presets.预设将安装在此步骤中选择的文件夹中。
  3. Navigate to the preset on your desktop or in your downloads folder (or wherever you saved it) and click "import."
  4. Done!The preset is ready to use.