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Happy Christmas, Happy Designing, and a very Happy New Year from us all at Design Shack!

Get in the holiday spirit and create your own designs. But don’t worry if you’ve waited too late to start or need a little help making a design you love.


You can make anything from custom Christmas cards to icons that can be used in website design or for wrapping and even graphics, photos and illustrations that make your projects holly and jolly. Here are some festive design resources to help you create stunning holiday projects.


christmas templates



  • Start simple with an element such as a font or brush stroke style that can be used for an extended holiday season, such as snowflakes or snowmen. While they feel like Christmas, these design elements also have a winter association and you won’t have to rush to change the design (especially on a website) on Dec. 26.
  • 从典型的调色板外使用假日颜色的POP。从绿色,红色,金,银,甚至是蓝色或紫色开始,为假期感觉。
  • Pick a style. Do you like whimsical, classic or modern design elements? Incorporate this style into Christmas design projects for a festive element that matches your visual model.
  • Go all in. When it comes to holiday designs that are for a single use – such as holiday cards or a Christmas landing page – it’s OK to be “overly” festive with plenty of holiday imagery and language. Many people expect some holiday elements to be over the top. Have fun with it in limited use.
  • Start with a template. If you don’t have a distinct idea of what you want, a Christmas design template can help you establish a holiday theme with ease. There are plenty available in our collections below to help get projects moving effortlessly.




christmas templates

Why buy boxed Christmas cards when you can create something special for friends and family? A custom Christmas card can start with a template and then you can add colors, text and images that fit your style.


寻找具有您更喜欢的形状和大小的圣诞贺卡模板 - 卡片格式与明信片样式 - 并记住完成您的设计,以便在大日之前打印并邮寄。

Holiday-Themed Icons

christmas templates


A vector icon set can work on a website design as well as printed pieces. You can use icons individually, as animated effects or as part of a repeating pattern custom wrapping.

Most icon templates come complete with a set of matching icons to use in a variety of ways. Mix and mix icons, placements and sizes in interesting ways for a festive design.


christmas templates



These templates are highly versatile as well. You can use illustrations – such as the watercolor elements above, to create cool wrapping paper. But the same graphic design template might be used for a card design as well or for a hero image on your website.