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Stay on top of the latest design trends, see what’s popular, and learn how to create design work that feels modern, current, and up-to-date.

7 New & Modern Color Trends 2021

Trends/ 26 Nov 2020

7 New & Modern Color Trends 2021

Color is the main component of every design. Even though it may seem like colors always remain the same, it’s actually something that is everchanging. And as a result, it makes way for new color trends every year.

In fact, Pantone recently introduced a whopping294 new colors. According to the company, these colors were invented to fit in with modern trends and to appeal to the new generations.

If you’re preparing to start a new design project, staying up-to-date on the latest trends is important. It’s the key to making your designs relevant and appealing to the current audiences.

Today we take a look at the breakout color trends of 2021. Rather than just talking about different trends, we wanted to go deeper. So we found real-life examples to show how each trend is being used by different industries today. As an added bonus, we also feature a design template that uses each color trend. So that you can get a headstart on your project.

What kind of color trends will be popular this year? Will there be new trends in color schemes? Or would any old trends make a come-back? Here are our predictions.

15+ Top Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Trends/ 23 Nov 2020

15+ Top Graphic Design Trends for 2021

What’s hot in graphic design? One of the things people always want to talk to me about is graphic design trends. Here’s preview of what’s going to be hot in 2021.

It’s such an interesting topic because there are trends that change slowly over time – just look at the long evolution of flat design to where we are now – and others that seem to flip overnight.

Should you always rush to use the latest graphic design trends in your work? Of course not. But it’s helpful to pick up new ideas, find inspiration, and see what types of techniques and styles are shaping our industry.

15 Photography Trends in 2021

Trends/ 17 Nov 2020

15 Photography Trends in 2021

Photography trends can be a major influence on how print and digital designs come together. From filters to styles to photo angles that are trending, this part of the visual aesthetic can greatly impact how a project comes together.

Photography trends are dictated by a few things: Visual style of photographers, techniques that are gaining popularity in projects, the ability for images to work with other design elements, and even things such as social media filters.

The same photography trends that you might see in stock images (which we use as examples here) parallels to custom photos as well. Understanding photography trends is important for any designer because you’ll want to discuss photo options (and looks) before you begin a photoshoot for any design project to ensure that your visions are on the same page.

15+ Video Marketing Trends for 2021

Trends/ 16 Nov 2020

15+ Video Marketing Trends for 2021

Almost every marketing prediction, resource, or how-to guide for 2021 includes the same advice: video needs to be part of your strategy. But what type of video marketing is most important right now?

From super-short (micro) video clips, to live video on social media, to full-production ads and stories, we’re going to look at some of the top video marketing trends for the year and how you can incorporate them into your design and marketing plans.

And here’s why it matters, since 2019 the average user has jumped from watching 84 minutes of website video content per day to a projected more than100 minutesper day this year.

Let’s dive in, and embrace video as the new marketing channel you need to get right!

Brochure Design Ideas & Inspiration for 2021

Brochure Templates/ 10 Nov 2020

Brochure Design Ideas & Inspiration for 2021

Almost every designer has created a brochure at some point. And there’s a strong possibility you’ll be asked to design another! Whether it’s for a client or to promote your own business, there’s an art to designing a brochure.

And then there’s an added challenge: brochure design isn’t just for print anymore. Digital brochures are just as popular as the hard-copy versions. It’s quite common for clients to request a printed brochure with a digital shareable file of the same design.

Don’t sweat this design challenge though. We’ve put together some classic and modern tips so you can create a brochure design that looks great, and is easy to read.

15+ Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Trends/ 9 Nov 2020

15+ Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

The average life of a website is three years. And design elements – such as color and typography – often get updated more frequently than that. That’s why it is so important to keep up with web design trends.

Doing this allows you to make small tweaks to your design today so that it won’t be out of date tomorrow. This guide will help you create an on-point design plan for 2021!

Design Trend: Experimental Typefaces & Fonts

Trends/ 20 Oct 2020

Design Trend: Experimental Typefaces & Fonts

One of the biggest trends in website design is experimental typefaces. These funky, unique, and always special fonts can serve as the backbone of a project or provide a special spark.

Experimental typefaces come in a variety of formats from handwriting styles to interesting serifs to color or animated fonts. There’s something for everyone with fonts that are a little bit different (or even customized).

Here’s a look at this design trend and how to make it work for you.

Design Trend: Modern Tappable Targets (And How to Do It)

Mobile/ 15 Oct 2020

Design Trend: Modern Tappable Targets (And How to Do It)

A solid tap target can make or break your mobile website or app. The size, shape, location, and overall design of the button or link determines whether a user successfully completes an action or not. It might seem like a small thing, but can be one of the most important elements of a design.

Modern tappable targets are easy to recognize, work in an expected manner, and encourage engagement.

Today we’re looking at how to design them, ways to craft effective call-to-action items, and considerations around color and font choices.

Website Design Trends & Tips for a COVID World

Trends/ 28 Sep 2020

Website Design Trends & Tips for a COVID World

A lot has changed about the world in the past year. The impact of COVID on human interaction is undeniable. It’s influencing digital experiences as well. If you haven’t started to think about adjustments you need to make to your website design due to the worldwide pandemic and virus, it might be time to develop a strategy.

Here, we’ve got tips on things to consider when it comes to COVID and website design.

Does COVID change everything about website design? Of course not. But it might impact some of the decisions you make about imagery, your general approach to sharing information, or how you communicate some aspects of your brand.

20+ Typography Trends for 2020 / 21 Sep 2020

20+ Typography Trends for 2020

Want to give your design a quick facelift? Using new and interesting typography trends might be the answer. Designers are opting for less elaborate typefaces and pairing them with bold color, cutouts, gradients, and even customizations to create lettering that stands out.

Changing typefaces or recreating an image or header in a trending style can give a design a fresh look without a full-scale overhaul. Not sure where to start? This list features typography trends with examples to use as inspiration for how to use them.

Here’s a look at the top typography trends for 2020.

15+ Key Logo Design Trends of 2020

How to Design a Logo/ 14 Sep 2020

15+ Key Logo Design Trends of 2020

Need a new logo? Whether you’re starting from scratch or just planning a tweak to a current mark, understanding shifts in logo design trends can help you create a design with a modern touch.

The theme in logo design is to create something simple and distinctive. With so many new websites and brands and companies coming online almost every day, it’s no wonder that logos are trending toward designs that stand out.

Here’s a look at a few logo design trends for 2020, and how you can make them work for you (and while you’re at it, be sure to look through our full guide onhow to design a logo!)

20+ Portfolio Design Trends in 2020

Trends/ 10 Sep 2020

20+ Portfolio Design Trends in 2020

你上次是什么时候更新你的设计运动吗tfolio? (If you’re like me, it’s probably been a while.) Maintaining a fresh portfolio is a good way to show off your skills to potential clients and can be helpful when looking back on work for annual contest entries.

如果你落后于你的投资组合设计, or just need a new portfolio in general, this is a great opportunity to create something using trendy techniques and visuals.

A modern portfolio using design trends can make a great impression. A portfolio is also a representation of your skills — so design wisely! Here’s a look at some of our favorite portfolio design trends for 2020.